Telecoms: About

Arrakis Group’s Telecoms division specializes in market entry for mobile services in Africa, with a focus on Mobile Financial Services. Our consultants have years of experience in the mobile sector in sub-Saharan Africa and have worked with a diverse range of products including Mobile Money, mobile insurance, mHealth, mAg and mobile trading applications. Our team possesses technical, commercial, operational and regulatory expertise and extensive experience with private, public and NGO clients.

Our areas of specialty include:
Business Modelling • Feasibility Studies • Landscape Analysis • Market Research • New
Product Development • Strategic Relationship Building • Recruitment Consulting • Customer Service Support

Our country experience includes:
Ghana • Nigeria • Uganda • Mali • Burkina Faso • Kenya • Tanzania • Mozambique
India • United Arab Emirates • United States of America • United Kingdom

Jessica Osborn, Managing Partner

Jessica has over six years’ experience in mobile technology in Africa. She co-led the start-up Africa’s first mobile application incubator in Uganda, AppLab, with partners Google, MTN and Grameen Foundation. She led the development of apps in the Google SMS product suite, including mobile health and mobile trading services, which were subsequently rolled out to other African markets. In Ghana, Jessica started Grameen Foundation’s first overseas office and served as Project Director for the Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH) program which worked with the Ministry of Health to digitize data collection in rural health facilities through a mobile application feeding into the country’s existing Health Management Information System. The project also developed a messaging system to deliver appointment reminders and weekly tailored health messages to antenatal and neonatal clients. Jessica then went on to manage Tigo’s Mobile Money product, Tigo Cash, and was a key member of the team that made the company the market leader for Mobile Financial Services in Ghana. She led efforts in marketing, customer lifecycle management, special offer design, pricing, product development, operations, customer service and regulatory compliance. Jessica joined Arrakis Group in June 2013 to create and manage our Telecommunications division, which has conducted several projects in mobile financial services and mobile insurance. Jessica holds a First Class Honors degree in Politics & Economics from the University of Durham, UK. She speaks English and French and has professional experience in Ghana, Uganda, Mali, Nigeria, Mozambique, UAE and UK.


Anita Dugbartey, Analyst

Anita holds a degree in Geography and Psychology from the University of Legon, Ghana. She completed national service as a Customer Service Executive in Tigo’s call center, supporting clients with all of Tigo’s products. She then joined Tigo Cash as a Marketing Assistant, providing training and support to Tigo Cash customers in the service centers. She was quickly promoted to supervisor, managing 20 marketing assistants nationwide, involving conducting data analysis to ensure that targets were met, creating training collateral and coaching new customer acquisition personnel. Anita then became Marketing Analyst, leading the testing of new marketing materials, conducting impact assessments to determine campaign efficacy and leading customer understanding research efforts. Anita also assisted a multinational design firm to conduct in depth research on new product uptake in Ghana; she led the on-the-ground research including facilitation of focus groups and interviews and handling of all logistics for the team throughout the research period. Anita speaks English, Twi and Ga.

David Hutchful, Technical Advisor

As a User Experience Researcher with more than 15 years of experience in software development, David Hutchful is committed to and passionate about designing and creating appropriate technology solutions that are informed by a deep understanding of the socio-economic and cultural contexts of the problems. David is currently the Director of Technology Innovations at the Grameen Foundation working at the intersection of technology and international development. In this capacity he contributes to the strategic design and implementation of innovative technologies including the award winning mHealth intervention, Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH). David is also a co-founder of OpportunityLabs and leads the software development of their game-changing messaging service engageSPARK. Previously, David was a member of the Technology for Emerging Markets (TEM) Group at Microsoft Research where he conducted research, published and consulted on the design and use of technology in low resource settings in the areas of education and financial services. During his graduate studies, David, in addition to other award winning innovations, co-developed a scalable model and a software platform that simplified and reduced the cost of creating and sharing educational courses freely online. David received undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from Calvin College and a Master’s degree in Information with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan. David loves traveling, listening to or reading good stories, fidgeting with technology and is an avid fan of the game of football (soccer).

Kelly McCabe, Brand & Marketing Advisor

Kelly has over seven years’ experience in global marketing and brand strategy, with a focus on the technology sector. She began her career working in Public Relations for a boutique agency in the SOMA district of San Francisco for accounts such as Yahoo!, Flikr and She continued on to work for Ogilvy & Mather in Chennia, India where she spearheaded rebranding initiatives and national campaigns for both blue chip technology and the telecom brand, Vodafone. With Oglivy & Mather in Bangalore, Kelly led the transition team tasked with setting up the Banglore Hub office, first in its kind, which handled Lenovo’s global advertising development and production. The office also worked on the IBM Express Seller and IBM Smart Business’ branding development for EMEA, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Kelly also has experience in the non-profit sector from her work consulting for an education start up in Accra, Ghana, after-school program in Bangalore, India and an environmental education organization in Jackson Hole, USA. Kelly is currently based in Accra, Ghana and consults for multinationals seeking guidance in business development and marketing/branding success in an emerging market. Kelly joined the Arrakis Group Advisor Board in January 2014 to lend her expertise to projects requiring marketing and business development. Kelly holds a Bachelors of Science in Communication and Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She speaks English and basic Spanish and has professional experience in Burkina Faso, Ghana, India, Nigeria, South Africa and United States.