Energy: About

Arrakis Group Energy was established in 2010 by business and energy professionals who have been active in the energy industry for over a decade. Our Consulting and Senior Advisors are specialists in their field, and have been involved in projects ranging from coal to wind power plants.

Successful market entry and feasibility studies for an energy company in Africa requires an intimate understanding of both the scientific requirements of the project and the political and regulatory framework of each individual country. The Arrakis Group possesses the technical, commercial and regulatory expertise to help our clients find their feet on new ground.

Victor K. Mallet, Founder & Managing Partner

Victor Mallet founded Arrakis Group to provide clear-sighted commercial, regulatory and technical advisory services to clients interested in developing energy & power projects.

Arrakis Group has been involved in conventional thermal (coal, gas) and alternative energies in West Africa. Beginning his career at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he worked with US auto and pharmaceutical companies, Victor then worked with the US Department of Commerce advising small to mid-size firms in maximizing their revenue and growth strategy. In the US he has consulted to energy-efficiency leaders such as Stanford's Knight Center and the Silicon Valley clean-tech pioneer Serious Energy.

Since the establishment of Arrakis in his native Ghana in 2010, Mr Mallet has been working with independent power producers (IPPs) and financiers of power projects to align the commercial and technical elements of their vision.

Victor graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is currently a 2013 Future Energy Fellow and has written articles on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Shale Gas and other primary energy sources for sites such as The Energy Collective and the African Energy Journal.


Brenden Millstein, Consulting Advisor

Brenden Millstein is the CEO of Carbon Lighthouse, an energy company that makes it profitable for organizations to eliminate their environmental footprint. Under Mr. Millstein's leadership, Carbon Lighthouse pioneered a data-driven energy efficiency system that cut the costs of energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings in half. In its first 18 months of operations, the firm completed work in 75+ buildings in California and Oregon. Mr. Millstein was formerly a Project Manager at NYSERDA, administering an $87 million budget for the State Agency charged with addressing New York's most challenging energy and environmental issues. His clients have included Citigroup, Wells Fargo, CBRE, Tishman Speyer, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies. He has lectured on energy policy to visiting groups of Government Officials from China, Russia, India, and France. Mr. Millstein holds a Physics degree from Harvard University, and an MS and MBA from Stanford University.

Riley Robbins, Senior Advisor

Riley has spent over two decades working in the coal industry in the US. He began his career in 1974 with R.M Wilson Company, a West Virginia firm that specialized in coal mining and processing equipment, Riley quickly rose in the company to manage sales, and ultimately became a part-owner of the firm as it grew. R.M Wilson was known as an innovator in the coal industry and introduced the first electrical cable splice, the first resin roof and the first conveyor belt splice with much longer lifespan.

Since 1996 Riley has been managing Robbins Corporation, which has a heavy emphasis on specific mineral sizing techniques for sand, mica, lead, zinc, iron ore, gold and fly ash. Activities expanded and Riley formed Carbon Ash Separation Technologies that had proprietary technology allowing 100% of the otherwise unmarketable coal combustion products (fly ash, unburned carbon) to be sold – resulting in the manufacture of over a million concrete masonry units (cinder blocks). Mr Robbins holds two patents in this field.

Riley continues to be an innovator in the field and is now specializing in a waterless mineral extrusion technology called DHS (differential hardness separation), which has so far been successfully applied to clay, sand and coal as core minerals.